Lip Blush/Tint

Do I want a lip blush or a full lip tint?

Deciding what type of lip Tattoo to have can be confusing. This will obviously be discussed at length at your appointment. However here are some pointers for you to begin your thought process.

A lip blush is designed to be undetectable. No one will know it has been tattooed. There may be days when you even forget. It is simply a blush of colour 1 or 2 shades stronger than your natural lip. It is an enhancement.
A full lip tint is a slightly stronger enhancement. It doesn’t have to literally be a makeup look. There are softer versions. But it is the right choice for those wanting to really restore definition. And for those wanting a subtle play on shape to create the illusion of fullness this is the only choice. A blush simply won’t be strong enough on the border to allow for this.
There are many shades and combinations of available. Colour selection and shape design will be thoroughly thought out at your appointment.
Something to note : the longevity of your enhancement is vitally important to me. Therefore I will not tattoo completely outside of the vermilion border as this will not age well.