Eyebrow enhancement, sometimes called eyebrow tattoo with professional permanent makeup artist Claire Louise Weymouth, Poole

How to choose the right Permanent Makeup Technician for you

Having pigment implanted into the skin on your face is a huge decision. Careful research and selection process in needed to ensure you have an enhancement you are utterly thrilled with not disappointed or worst case regret. So this is how to choose the right Permanent Makeup Technician.

I see too many ladies asking for my help to rectify bad work. They ask me ‘How could I have avoided this? What questions should I have asked.’

This is what I tell them…………

How long have you been a permanent makeup technician?

Experience is the key to becoming a skillful permanent makeup artist. It is important you are putting your trust in someone that understands what will work with your face shape and skin tone.

Are you a specialist in this field?

What defines a specialist is their commitment to their art. Is the quality of the work going to be greater if a technician works it full time, or works it part time alongside their nail business? I have worked solely with permanent makeup for 5 years and I have a continuous improvement work ethic which pushes me to deliver better work time after time. A list of my qualifications and training dates are available here

Who did you train with?

Unfortunately there are currently a few ‘training schools’ offering cheap 3 day courses. Let me tell you, it is impossible to learn this skill in 3 days. I trained with the highly regarded training academy Natural Enhancement under the tutor-ledge of Tracey Simpson one of the worlds leading permanent makeup professionals. It is vitally important to know who your technician trained with and research them accordingly.

How many courses have you been on? Have you completed any advanced courses? 

If you are asking for an advanced treatment such as ultra dramatic eyeliner, you want to know that your technician is capable of delivering this treatment. It will also indicate to you how committed they are in delivering the most up to date techniques.

Can I please see your portfolio?

I would not like someone to be practicing on my face, so take a look at their portfolio, have they worked on skin like yours, is there a blend of colour that you like, have they styled a brow that you are looking for, are their plenty of images to look at. All these will give you an idea and feel for the technician and their relevant experience.

Go for a consultation.

All good technicians offer free consultations. They can draw a pair of brows, liner, lips on your face that you can wear for the day. Ask all the above questions. I invite such questions and am more than happy to give my advice.