Permanent Makeup for the more mature ladies

Permanent Makeup for the more mature ladies

A gorgeous colour boost for my client today. We have gone lighter today than previously. This is because my client is lightening her hair. People often ask ‘what happens as I age? The brows I want today may not be the brows I want when I am in my 40’s/50’/60’s.

Firstly you should choose a timeless shape. Nothing fashion lead. A shape that looks natural on you’re face. Any good technician will have an eye for this. Secondly that is the advantage of the fade. Colours can be adapted to ensure you’re brows stand the test of time. But this is why choosing a technician that is using top quality pigments. Not cheap ones that will fade to an unstable colour. I have seen green, red, blue, purple brows. And they all say ‘they looked fine after I had them done!!!

A bottle of pigment that I purchase costs me £80. So if you see treatments offered at around this price then please ask ‘can you tell me what you are going to implant into my skin. I can tell you. And every technician should be able to. What proportion of you’re pigment is organic and inorganic. How many years has it been used for? Where does it come from? Is  it FDA approved? Do they comply with EU government regulations regarding cosmetics? It’s you’re face. Stay safe.

Claire x


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Permanent Makeup for the more mature ladies. Claire Louise Willis is a full time permanent makeup artist based in Weymouth, Portland, Bridport, Bournemouth, Dorchester and Poole in Dorset, Claire trained at the highly regarded natural enhancement permanent makeup training academy in London and is a member of The British Association of Beauty and Cosmetology. Claire has been a full time permanent make up artist for 6 years and has 2 clinics. Claire works Monday to Friday 9:00-17:30 and an evening shift on Thursdays. For more images visit Claire’s portfolio where you can see more before and after images. To make an appointment for a free consultation visit our contact us page or call directly on 07961 347882. Claire also runs a free clinic once a month in Weymouth for breast cancer patients who need areola reconstruction. We also offer gift vouchers for any special occasion. See More correction work in my portfolio..