Which style of brow should I choose?

This will be discussed at length at your appointment. Together we will look at images, styles, I’ll look at your skin type and together we will make the right decision for you. For example certain techniques do not work well with certain skin types so this will be taken into consideration. A decision doesn’t need to be made beforehand. However it is worth looking at the different styles to start to think about what you are drawn to etc… Here is a guide to each style for you to look at. However each brow is totally individual. Thickness, shape, density. One combination brow may have more shading within the brow, another predominantly hair strokes with a little soft shading. Rest assured that each brow will be design individually for you taking into consideration your bone structure, skin tone, hair and eye colour, skin type and taste. And the design will need to be fully agreed with both you and I before I commence the tattooing part of the process.