My Training

01st November 2010

I spent many hours researching the who I wanted to train with. Unfortunately there are currently a few ‘training schools’ offering cheap 3 day courses. Let me tell you, it is impossible to learn this skill in 3 days. I trained with a highly regarded training academy over 3 months. It is vitally important to know who your technician trained with and research them accordingly.  look at my recent post on how to choose your technician.

28th November 2011

Smart start business class

01st February 2012

Advanced eye aesthetics class

15th May 2012

Colour mist eyebrow class

20th August 2012

Cosmetic, scar and skin graft camouflage

27th November 2013

Areola and Nipple restoration

14th July 2014

Advanced Lip Techniques

23rd April 2015

Advanced techniques in Hairstroke eyebrows

18th June 2015

Training on the latest industry technology Biotec at Natural enhancment, London.